At Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas, we’ve met with many patients who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their necks. Over time, the delicate skin on the neck can sag and crease, making a person feel they look much older than they are. One of the services we offer, the MyEllevate procedure, is a great way to improve the appearance of the neck and jawline. Learn more about MyEllevate and what to expect.

What Is MyEllevate?

MyEllevate is an innovative procedure that contours the jawline and neck by lifting muscle tissue and glands. Using an ICLED light-guided suture rod system, MyEllevate supports the muscle bands to give the patient a more sculpted look. The procedure adds definition to the neck without major incisions. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons must have special training to perform the MyEllevate procedure.

How Does the Procedure Work?

MyEllevate is different from a traditional neck lift. It’s a minimally invasive rejuvenation procedure that uses a few tiny incisions to place a suture support system underneath the jawline. After applying a numbing agent to the patient’s neck, a plastic surgeon will create a series of small incisions near the platysma muscle bands, the muscle tissues that run vertically down the neck. Next, the surgeon uses a thin, lighted rod to insert a length of non-absorbable surgical thread into the neck. These sutures lift the skin and muscle tissue and hold them in place to reduce sagging.

The procedure typically takes less than an hour and can be performed with local anesthesia. Most patients can resume normal activities in less than a week.

Who Is a Good Candidate for MyEllevate?

MyEllevate is a good option for a patient who dislikes the appearance of their sagging jawline or neck but doesn’t want to undergo more invasive surgery. The ideal candidate:

  • Is in the early stages of facial aging
  • Has mild to moderate loss of firmness, known as skin laxity
  • Is in good overall health and doesn’t smoke

The MyEllevate procedure is appropriate for men and women and usually is most effective when the patient is in their 30s or 40s.

Benefits of the MyEllevate Procedure

MyEllevate lifts and tightens the neck, giving a patient a more youthful appearance. The other benefits of this procedure include:

  • Minimally invasive: MyEllevate uses just a few incision points and doesn’t require general anesthesia or stitches.
  • Long-lasting: Unlike a neck thread lift, which lasts only a few months, the results of MyEllevate can last for years.
  • Less downtime: Recovery is faster than a traditional neck lift surgery.
  • Low risk: For most patients, the only side effects are minimal swelling and bruising.

Additionally, many patients like that MyEllevate can be performed in combination with other procedures, such as neck liposuction. Specializing in plastic surgery from the collarbone up, Dr. Charles Guy at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas is experienced in performing MyEllevate on its own and in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.

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