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Eyebrows are an often overlooked component when it comes to facial structure. The position of the eyebrows can play a major role in how the face is presented. The eyebrows frame the eyes and are the transition between the forehead and the lower portion of the face. Improperly placed eyebrows can cause one to look surprised, tired, mad, or even overly concerned.

A brow lift is an eye modification procedure that can give patients the ideal eyebrow position to suit their faces. Dr. Charles Guy and his team at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas specialize in providing clients in Waco and Central Texas with a range of procedures focused on the collarbone up, including brow lifts. Learn more about this cosmetic procedure and how Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas can help patients achieve the appearance they desire.

This 65-75 y/o female underwent a lateral browlift and upper blepharoplasty with skin only removal in the office.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, is a surgical procedure that lifts and corrects the position of the eyebrows. Performing this cosmetic procedure can improve the appearance of a patient’s forehead, eyebrows, and the area around their eyes. The ideal look is achieved by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

Various approaches can be used to change the position of the eyebrows, and each is designed with the goal of hiding incisions. Often brow lifts are done in conjunction with other facial procedures, such as blepharoplasty and facelifts, though they can also be performed as an isolated procedure.

What to Expect

Before the procedure, Dr. Guy will perform a physical examination of the patient’s appearance and discuss with them what they wish to achieve. Discussing patients’ goals helps the team address their main concerns and allows them to better perform the services needed to achieve the desired look.

Brow lift procedures can be conducted in the operating room (OR) at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas or the office after making the area numb by injecting local anesthesia. Patients can expect the following on the day of the eyebrow lift surgery:

  • Depending on the approach, patients may have sutures either in their hair, on their hairline, or possibly near their eyebrow to securely close any incisions made during surgery.
  • To decrease swelling in the area, patients may be outfitted with a head wrap that will be removed in the office the following day.
  • Sutures will be removed in the office between 6-7 days after the surgery.
  • After the procedure, patients may experience temporary swelling, most prominently in the upper eyelids region.
  • It is common for patients to experience bruising down the face in the first few weeks after the procedure, but bruises should clear up naturally after going through color changes.
  • Patients will be given a prescription to help control their pain levels, as well as an antibiotic to fight against infections.

As the incisions from the procedure heal, patients may experience itching and numbness, which should lessen over time. We provide patients with explicit instructions on how to properly care for their incisions. Immediately after the procedure, we advise patients to avoid exposing their incisions to excessive pressure or motion and to rest with their heads elevated, applying cold compresses to relieve swelling.

Why Choose a Brow Lift?

As people age, it is natural for the brows to reposition further down the face. The skin and soft tissue associated with the face lose their ability to snap back into place after being stretched, causing the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes to shorten.

This natural repositioning of the eyebrows can cause a patient to constantly look tired, sad, or even angry, regardless of their current mood. An eyebrow lift can provide a patient with a refreshed look. Patients might also consider brow lift surgery if they have a low or wilting brow that contributes to sagging upper eyelids.

Professional Brow Lift Services
in Central Texas

With Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas, patients near Waco and Central Texas do not need to visit Dallas or Austin just to obtain outstanding plastic surgery services. Dr. Guy and his dedicated team have developed a strong reputation in the region for providing safe and trusted services to patients, addressing a variety of concerns.

Patients who are unhappy with their appearance might benefit from receiving an advanced brow lift procedure. Our priority is for your eyebrows to balance with your face. A properly placed brow lifts the forehead and frames the eye—conveying symmetry and beauty. To learn more about cosmetic surgery offered at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas, contact the team today to request a consultation.