CO2 laser resurfacing is a common cosmetic procedure because it is safe and effective. Although it is used to help treat many different skin conditions, CO2 laser resurfacing is most useful to help treat fine lines and wrinkles that develop in the skin. Dr. Charles Guy and the skilled team at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas offer cosmetic surgery services in Waco, TX. Here, we detail what laser resurfacing entails and how you can benefit from the procedure.

Our Laser Resurfacing Procedure

Specializing in plastic surgery from the collarbone up, our team at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas has great experience performing laser resurfacing procedures for patients. Our fractional, ablative CO2 laser works by punching tiny holes in the skin and heating its dermal layers. Collagen formation is stimulated by the heat, helping to tighten and enhance the overall feel of the skin. This procedure is not only able to lighten sunspots and tighten skin, but its technology also helps to quicken healing and minimize scarring. 

Because we use an ablative laser that removes layers of the skin, anesthetizing the skin is necessary with something more powerful than a topical anesthetic. Patients can rest assured knowing that this procedure is completely safe. The kind of anesthetics used will always be discussed with patients before treatment. The laser resurfacing procedure usually only requires one treatment and has long-lasting effects.

The Advantages of This Skin Treatment

Having a proper skincare routine consisting of moisturizers, sunscreen, and other products can help patients keep their skin soft and looking young. While skincare regimens can certainly slow the effects of aging, sometimes more in-depth means are required. Laser skin resurfacing is a great way for patients to rejuvenate their skin, improve minor facial flaws, and restore a healthy, youthful complexion. The treatment offers a range of great benefits, including the following:

Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are unfortunate results of aging. Laser resurfacing targets noticeable aging lines around the mouth, cheeks and eyes. By softening these telltale signs of aging, patients will enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Treat Skin Discoloration and Spots

Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to the skin on the face developing spots, discoloration, and other cosmetic concerns. Laser skin resurfacing addresses these concerns by correcting skin pigmentation, creating a more balanced and even skin tone for patients.

Improve the Appearance of Scars

Facial scars, especially those left by acne, are frustrating to deal with. Many patients try to cover scars with makeup. Choosing to do so only masks the problem and doesn’t treat it. While the results will vary from person to person, laser skin resurfacing is a great option for minimizing scars and reducing their visibility. 

Decrease the Size of Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are beyond the control of patients and yet can cause many to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Laser skin resurfacing treatments can make enlarged pores appear much smaller, making your skin appear smooth and even.

Treat Yourself to Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Clients in central Texas don’t have to travel to other areas of the state to receive professional cosmetic surgery procedures. Located in Waco, TX, Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas offers a wide range of advanced plastic surgery services, including laser resurfacing. We work closely with patients, discussing their cosmetic goals, and offer our expertise as to which procedures we believe will best serve them. This dedication to our clients is the foundation of our strong reputation. For more information about our laser skin resurfacing treatment as well as our other services, please contact us today to request a consultation.