A facelift can offer various benefits to people who want a more beautiful-looking appearance. There are many kinds of facelifts a patient can receive. Deep plane facelifts are one procedure that looks deeper into the skin than just its surface. This helps provide longer-lasting results and a natural lift in the face.

Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas provides professional plastic surgery from the collarbone up. Here, we discuss what a deep plane facelift is, who can benefit from one, and the plastic surgery services we provide.

What Is an Extended Deep Plane Facelift?

“Deep plane” refers to the surface below the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), which connects to muscles in the face and various fat compartments. A deep plane facelift involves dissecting under the SMAS so that it can be lifted and bring the overlying fat compartments and skin to a better position. An extended deep plane lift has the dissection under the SMAS go further towards the “smile lines” by the mouth is able to lift more of the face giving the mid-face, lower-face, and neck a more uniform result.

The goal of an extended deep plane facelift is to deliver a more natural result compared to other types of lifts. At Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas, Dr. Charles Guy performs mostly extended deep plane facelifts. This procedure lifts the mid-face and jawline and neck in one piece and can give a more natural and less of a surgery look.

For those considering a facelift, an extended deep plane facelift is often the best option. You’ll get better results than with a plication or similar procedures that don’t free up the tissue as much. Without freeing up the tissue, there can be a higher risk of a “swooped” or pulled look.

Who Can Benefit From a Deep Plane Facelift?

Individuals with premature wrinkles, jowls, excess skin in the neck or cheeks, bands under the neck, softening of the jawline and loss of their more youthful appearance may benefit from a deep plane facelift. The patient must be healthy enough to undergo and recover from the surgery.

Deep Plane Facelifts at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas

Dr. Charles Guy of Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas offers facelifts along with other plastic surgery services. The only facial plastic surgeon in Waco, Texas, Dr. Guy offers a patient-centric approach to plastic surgery.

Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas takes a natural approach to cosmetic procedures. He will only perform the necessary work to achieve your desired look.

Find Deep Plane Facelifts and Other Cosmetic Services in Central Texas

Following a patient-centered approach to care, Dr. Charles Guy wants to help patients across central Texas build confidence in their appearance. A facelift from Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas makes this possible, offering a more natural and youthful look with long-lasting results. To learn more about deep plane facelift procedures, contact us or request a consultation today.