Lip Lift Services in Central Texas

Lips come in all shapes and sizes, but the basic, aesthetically pleasing shape is created by the red part. Your lips are used for talking, eating, drinking, and kissing. They convey so many emotions and draw so much attention – making them beautiful is well worth it. At Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas in Waco, Dr. Charles Guy is highly skilled in lip augmentation and other cosmetic surgery services from the collarbone upward. Find out how a lip lift can rejuvenate more than just your smile.

What Is a Lip Lift?

Lip Lift is an elective cosmetic surgery that minimizes the signs of aging and enhances the overall appearance of a patient’s mouth. It’s commonly used to treat a long upper lip, down-turned corners, an inward rolled upper lip, and a lip that covers the upper teeth. The primary types of lip lift surgeries are:

  • Direct lip lift: Also known as a gullwing lift, this procedure creates a more defined upper edge and decreases the distance between the nose and lip.
  • Corner lip lift: This “grin lift” pulls the corners of the mouth slightly upward, softening an overly sad or serious expression.
  • Subnasal bullhorn lip lift: A common procedure, this type of lift pulls the center and sides of the lip upward toward the nose to create a fuller, poutier look.
  • Central and Italian lip lifts: These are similar to the bullhorn lift, but the difference lies in the incisions and subtlety of the results.

55-65 y/o female underwent in-office facelift, lip lift and full face CO2 laser.

What To Expect

As with other face and neck procedures, Dr. Guy takes the time to discuss several cosmetic techniques that can help the patient achieve their desired look. During this consultation, patients also learn what to expect during a lip treatment and what the recovery period will entail.

A lip lift is a minimally invasive procedure that’s performed in the office under local anesthesia. Incisions are placed around the base of the nose where it attaches to the upper lip. The incisions hide very well, and scarring should be difficult to see. Patients should also expect the following:

  • Sutures will be removed six days after the procedure.
  • Patients are given an antibiotic and pain medication afterward (although it’s not a very painful procedure on average).
  • Incisions will need to be cleaned and treated with Vaseline.
  • Some bruising and swelling may appear around the area, but this should improve within two weeks of the surgery.
  • Most patients may return to work within seven days.

Every patient at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas can expect compassionate, personalized care and attention to detail. Dr. Guy ensures each person knows what to expect, whether they’re undergoing a simple lip lift or having one done alongside another facial procedure. The skilled, knowledgeable team that works alongside the doctor also is available to answer any questions a patient may have throughout the process.

Why Choose a Lip Lift?

A lip lift can treat an aging lip in ways that a dermal filler cannot. Sometimes people are born with an upper lip that’s too thin for the red tissue to be visible. More commonly, the upper lip elongates and drops with aging. When this happens, it may cover the upper teeth when talking and make the red aspect disappear. The plastic surgeon can do any of the following to help optimize the lip’s aesthetic:

  • Roll out the lip, creating a more voluminous look
  • Shorten the philtrum length (distance between the nose and lip)
  • Increase the amount of red that’s visible
  • Gain more tooth visibility

The results of a lip lift depend on the current anatomy of the lip, the contour and amount of space between the nose and mouth, and a patient’s goals. Even so, the results of a lip lift typically last longer than filler and yield eye-catching results without the heaviness of an injectable. This makes the procedure highly desirable for patients seeking an option that doesn’t require repeated cosmetic treatments. It’s also a good option for those who wish for more lip height, rather than volume.

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Lip augmentation looks different on every patient – let the medical team at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas show you how a lip lift can help you feel more confident in your skin. Patients don’t have to drive to Dallas or Austin to receive premium care. We’re proud of the reputation for excellence that we’ve earned right here in Waco, TX, and each person who comes into our office is treated like family. Contact us to learn more information about lip lifts or request a consultation today.