Facelift Procedures
in Central Texas

Facelifts can provide the confidence people need to feel better about their appearance. These procedures accentuate the more striking and distinctive features of an individual’s face while sharpening the areas that display signs of aging. As facelifts can be sensitive procedures, patients want to know they will receive care from a plastic surgeon with a strong reputation and compassionate approach. At Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas, individuals will find these qualities in Dr. Charles Guy. Discover why patients throughout Central Texas trust him and his compassionate team for facelifts and other face and neck services.

55-65 y/o female underwent in-office facelift, lip lift and full face CO2 laser.

What Is a Facelift?

The lower-to-mid face and neck are two areas that often show signs of aging first. Rhytidectomy – more commonly referred to as a facelift – is a surgical procedure that involves making virtually invisible incisions to tighten and smooth these areas of the skin.

Facelifts derive their name from the act of elevating a layer below the skin called the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). The SMAS connects muscles in the face to the skin, controlling the activity of all facial movements. By lifting the SMAS, the surgeon can remove excess skin and amplify the tissues around the cheeks and jawline that droop with age. This procedure revitalizes the jawline, irons out wrinkles in the cheeks, and makes the separation between the neck and jaw appear more pronounced.

At Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas, patients can receive facelifts in an operating room (OR) or at the office. Dr. Guy’s philosophy with facelift surgery is to provide patients with a natural look – not one that is too tight, making it evident the person underwent an operation. Many patients also select other procedures alongside their facelift. Additional facial procedures offered at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas include:

  • Mini facelift: Small incisions are made around the ears to tighten skin in the face.
  • Neck lift: Improves signs of aging in the neck and jawline.
  • Lip lift: A lip lift is a surgical way to roll out the lip, shorten the amount of skin above the lips and increase the amount of red that is visible.
  • Neck liposuction: Liposuction can remove fat using only small stab incisions.
  • Buccal fat removal: This procedure slims the face by removing fat in the cheeks.
  • MyEllevate: This suture suspension procedure is a great way to improve the area under the jawline, the bands on the front of the neck and bulging under the jawline.
  • FaceTite: This is a minimally invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency instead of excisional surgery for fat reduction or skin contraction.
  • Brow lift: lifts the upper 1/3 of the face and can help open up the eyes and make the brow less heavy
  • Fractionated CO2 laser: Improves the fine lines, pigmentation and skin quality that a facelift cannot get.

Regardless of whether patients choose to add these other procedures, they will find that the facelift can drastically reduce some of the most common side effects of aging.

What to Expect From
a Facelift Procedure

Before administering a facelift, Dr. Guy consults with patients to understand their health situations and expectations. He may ask a patient about their medical history, including any conditions they suffer from, medications they take, and past experiences with surgery. Dr. Guy also conducts a facial exam to understand certain characteristics of the face, such as bone structure and skin quality. This step enables him to determine a person’s facelift options.

When a decision is made about the type of facelift, patients can schedule an appointment for the procedure. Individuals can expect the following during their facelift surgery:

  • If undergoing a facelift in the OR, a patient will be put under anesthesia. If the procedure is happening in the office, they will be given oral medications to help them relax. Then, Dr. Guy or a nurse will administer a series of injections to numb the area.
  • When the procedure is done, patients will have wraps around their heads. These can be removed in the office the following morning.
  • Patients will notice incisions around the ears that reach into the hairline in front of the ear. They may extend to the hairline on the back of the neck.
    • Dried crust will appear along the incision that must be cleaned two to three times daily.
    • Some crust may go into the ear canal, but this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience.
  • Patients may see swelling around the cheeks, neck, and jaw. In approximately two weeks, 80% of this swelling will dissipate. Those with longer faces may need to wait two to three months for swelling to subside, and those with rounder faces may wait even longer.
  • Some swelling may appear in the folds behind the ears or beneath the chin, but this will also shrink over time.
  • Patients should expect some bruising in the neck, which may move to the upper chest before ultimately disappearing.

While facelifts are typically not too painful, Dr. Guy will prescribe medications to alleviate any discomfort, as well as an antibiotic. About one week after the surgery, patients will come back to the office to have their sutures removed. Most people can return to work or their regular routines within 10 days to two weeks after the surgery.

Why Choose a Facelift

Facelifts are not simply skin-deep procedures – they have implications for a person’s overall quality of life. A younger-looking face can provide a patient with the self-confidence they need to pursue activities they may not have otherwise.

Additionally, while a facelift cannot halt the natural aging process, it provides a new point from which aging will proceed. In other words, those who obtain a facelift typically maintain a more vibrant appearance than those who have never undergone the surgery.

Seek an Experienced Facelift
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Avoid traveling to Dallas or Austin for plastic surgery services by choosing Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas in Waco, TX. Dr. Guy and his team specialize in procedures from the collarbone up and take a patient-centered approach, ensuring each person’s needs are met and that they are thoroughly educated on their options. Contact us to learn more about facelifts and our other outstanding services, or request a consultation today.