Scar Revision Services
in Central Texas

The skin serves as a barrier, protecting the body from harm. Over time, it is common for people to develop more scars on their skin as accidents, falls, and similar incidents occur. Some people wear their scars like badges of honor, while others go to great lengths to keep them hidden. For some, scars can negatively impact how they view themselves, especially if they are on or near the face.

To help clients feel their best and regain confidence, Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas offers a wide range of advanced cosmetic services for the skin, including scar revision. Learn more about this safe and effective procedure provided by the reputable team led by Dr. Charles Guy at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas in Waco, TX.

What Is Scar Revision?

After an injury, scars are the natural outcome. Sometimes they heal well and are virtually invisible. Other times they heal in a way that can cause varying degrees of deformity. This may be in the form of webbing, depressed scars, elevated scars, contracted scars, or even keloids, thick raised scars.

Scar revision is a surgical process that attempts to minimize a scar, so it more naturally blends into the surrounding skin. While scar revision procedures cannot completely remove the scar, they can improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar and even restore function to a part of the body that may have been restricted by the scar. The goal of scar revision is always to restore the natural contours of the area and to minimize the appearance of the scar, giving an even appearance to the skin.

Keloid scars occur when excess scar tissue grows outside of the area that was injured. Keloid scars can become painful and result in an unpleasing itching sensation. Repairing this type of scar involves more than just scar excision. Often, it requires injections of compounds that will help break down the excess scar tissue and then prevent it from returning.

What To Expect From
Scar Revision

While a scar revision procedure is an effective treatment, it may not be the right solution for every patient. Knowing what to expect can help someone determine whether they would be an ideal candidate for scar revision surgery.

Correcting a scar and minimizing its appearance can be accomplished in several different ways, such as reorienting its direction, excising the scar completely, or injecting the scar with medications to break it down. Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas performs scar revision procedures in the office with the use of locally injected anesthesia. Occasionally, there will be a revision or touch-up procedure needed to obtain the desired cosmetic result.

It is common for the healing process after a scar revision surgery to involve localized swelling, discoloration, or discomfort. These symptoms can last between one to two weeks. The overall healing process may take several weeks as the scar continues to fade. Patients should keep in mind that although the final results of scar revision surgery are long-lasting, it may take several months to see visible results.

Before leaving the office, each patient is given explicit instructions to follow during recovery. Patients should adhere to directions closely to properly care for the treated area. Following these instructions will give patients the best opportunity to obtain the look they desire.

Why Consider Scar

Individuals unsatisfied with their appearance due to facial scarring may benefit from a professional scar revision procedure. Reducing a scar and allowing it to blend more naturally with the surrounding skin can help boost the patient’s confidence, giving them a sense of pride in the way they look. Scar revision can be performed on a client of any age and may be the ideal option for patients bothered by scars on their necks or faces meeting the following conditions:

  • They are physically healthy
  • They do not smoke
  • They have a positive outlook and realistic goals for scar revision surgery
  • They do not have active acne or other skin diseases affecting the area that will undergo treatment

Find Advanced Scar
Revision in Waco, TX

Patients no longer need to go to great measures to hide their unsightly scars. Specializing in a full lineup of cosmetic services from the collarbone up, the team at Facial Plastic Surgery of Central Texas offers advanced scar revision solutions to help clients obtain clearer skin.

With a convenient location in Waco, TX, clients in Central Texas don’t need to travel to Dallas or Austin to receive professional cosmetic surgery from a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Contact us today to learn more about our scar revision surgery and how we help clients gain back their confidence.